Since 2016 we have a fourth service, which is making videos and taking pictures with a drone. Please click here for more information.

If the power outages and surges give you headaches, we will help to rely less on or be even completely independent of the public grid, using alternative energy sources such as battery reserves and solar panel systems.

If you need a website for advertising, or for your property, business or other purposes, we set up a complete website for you, with your own domain name and your very own email address. We will provide you with everything you need for maintenance and hosting your new website on the Internet year after year, and you yourself will select the content, whether photos, videos and / or text.

Are you thinking of living in the southern part of Ecuador? Would you like to live in the province of Loja, perhaps in the villages of Malacatos or Vilcabamba or its surrounding areas? This part of Ecuador has one of the best climates in the world, all 365 days of the year. Do you want to buy or rent a house there? Are you looking for a property to build your own house, or set up a farm? Do you need the services of an architect or reliable builder, or any other services or paper work to be organized? Maybe you want to have someone here to look after the progress while you are at home? We will give you the advice and services you require.



The price for an alternative energy system will vary, depending on the amount, type and quality of the appliances you want to use. Look here for more information about equipment and pricing please.

The complexity and cost of your website depends on your requirements. The minimum price to create a regular website with your own domain name and personal email address ready and hosted on the Internet is $300 (three hundred dollars).

Our rates for counseling and services are $ 15 (fifteen dollars) per 15 minutes, with a minimum of $30 (thirty dollars).
Of course, a first getting-to-know-each-other is free of charge.
If you have a particular project in mind, you can negotiate a package price.



An example of a website to sell a house / property:

Click here

First Page Website www.TimbuktuEcuador.com