A backup only system is useful in two circumstances:

-1- You have electricity, but you know it is not reliable, so in case of a failure during one or two days you want to have the electricity that you need, that works automatically and without the need for a generator.

-2- You want a backup system now and the possibility for the future to have solar panels installed to become completely independent.

For a backup system you only need (1) a battery backup, and (2) the electronics to connect it all. In this way you have all the electricity you need when there is a failure in the electricity grid.


-1- If you want to use batteries that only last 2-3 years, or solar panels that only last 8-10 years, because that will be cheaper, it will cost you more ... frustration, and money, after a few years. We only install very high quality batteries and electronic equipment because it will give you more value for your money and us more satisfaction to give you the best we can.

-2- Apart from QUALITY, the price of the system also depends on how much ENERGY you want to use. Are you satisfied with using lights and television and maybe a laptop computer?

A system like that, including our 2 year guarantee, will cost you $5000*.

-3- Do you want to use more equipment, like a refrigerator, a microwave, etcetera?

Then it will cost you a minimum of $8000*, depending on your wishes.


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* all prices mentioned here are subject to change but they do give a reliable indication.
Prices also depend on the amount, type and quality of the appliances you want to use.